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Minneapolis, MN

When did you start playing Kendama:

Feb 2 2010

How did you get in Kendama:

My cousin had one at his house that was super old. We watched a ski video and kids were playing the kendama in it. I saw how much fun they were having and I had to play more.

Favorite Kendama Colors:

White, Wine, Black.

Favorite Tricks:

I love anything lighthouse.

Favorite Kendama to play:

Custom Sweets aTack.

Number of Kendmas You own:

100+ Non Sweets 200+ Sweets :)..

How do you spend your time when not playing Kendama:

I run a kendama business, snowboard, skateboard, bike, film, chill..

What are the keys to Kendama success:

Patience and Practice. If you practice every day you WILL get better. You can’t until you can..

What does kendama mean to you:

Kendama means everything to me, its the reason I get up in the morning. I love the feeling you get from landing a sick trick or teaching someone how to do a new trick..

Who inspires you to play:

Chaz, Oase, Christian, WillyP., Everyone at the shop, new kendama players i meet daily, my friends, and everyone in the community that spreads the kendama love.


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