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Owner: Matt “Sweets” Jorgenson

Sweets Kendamas was founded in August of 2010 by founder Matt “Sweets” Jorgenson after seeing a Kendama in a snowboarding video. Being a long time juggler, snowboarder, and yo-yo player, he had to have a Kendama. He searched the web and was only able to find Kendamas from international sources. Paying more for shipping than for the product itself, the seed that has become Sweets Kendamas was planted. With the mission of spreading Kendama love, Sweets Kendamas was incepted in August of 2010. Since then, our company has focused our efforts to spread the benefits and gratification that Kendama can provide and the culture that it creates.


Cosmic Crush Homegrown

Cosmic Crush Homegrown

Part of this mission, of course, was making Kendamas more available in the U.S. market. It seems like decades ago that we ordered our first batch of 600 from overseas, which came fully painted and assembled. In the first couple hours it was apparent that these Kendamas did not share the same quality finish as the JKA Kendama that Sweets had first purchased, From that moment on we began ordering unfinished Kendama pieces that we have painted, assembled, and packaged in MN. This broadened our mission to create the most durable, playable, and aesthetically pleasing Kendamas on the market.

As one of the first American Kendama companies, we are the only company to design and paint our own brand of Kendamas in the USA. This allows us to design and research new finishes that continuously set the bar of the industry’s highest standards.

Our company is composed of individuals who while having a variety of experience and expertise all share the commonalities of being Kendama enthusiasts and players, holding the belief that our best Kendamas are yet to come. We keep the company focused on what Kendama players want in a Kendama, while offering Kendamas at high end and entry-level prices.

To us, Kendama is about never giving up, and learning that practice makes the impossible become not only feasible but attainable. It gives the user a means to increase focus and hand eye coordination, creating self-confidence that can be applied to any other difficult task in life. Much like martial arts or golf, Kendama can never be completely mastered, leaving the possibility open for constant self-improvement.


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