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Owner: Kevin Markie

The idea for starting Klack Kendamas came to mind around October 2012 .  A few of us were having a session at my house,  we joked about it, but in my head i wanted it to happen. I have always been someone to push limits to what I can do,  I thought to myself  “I bet I can do this”. That thought sat in my head for weeks, I researched everything I could possibly think of. I picked up a used lathe from Craigslist, messed around for a few weeks on it getting the basics down, but really only focusing on the shape of the ken. After realizing I could do it, I decided to go all in and buy all the equipment I would need to hand turn these amazing toys that we all love so much! After hand turning a few hundred and getting the hang of things.. I started getting people that wanted some! I realized that there was just no way to keep up with the demand. So I went in to the production side of things, that is where Klack Kendamas started to exceed!  Being an artist painting tamas became a ridiculously fun thing for me!  It had been a little while since i had picked up an airbrush but i caught back on quickly!  Once we offered the community FULL customization, the possibilities became endless.   From the ken to the cups, to the crazy custom Tamas, with just about anything you could think of, i started to understand that Klack Kendamas was its own breed.  Since then we now offer not only hand turned kens but, full production Regular sized, Jumbos, even minis and key chains!  Klack Kendamas now even has a team that spreads across the states!  This has honestly become a dream come true and its all because of you!