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“I was first introduced to Kendama in 2006, while in Japan working on a photo assignment. Our Japanese friends introduced us to Kendama as we waited at train stations, bus stops, and while walking around the cities. They taught us our first tricks, and we became addicted immediately. Days later we all bought our first Kendamas in downtown Tokyo, and started sharing this amazing game with out friends when we returned home.

As I traveled on future photo assignments, the Kendama always came along. All over the globe it sparked peoples curiosity and enthusiasm. It was a great ice breaker, and people constantly asked where they could find one, but we couldn’t find any in the USA. Eventually I contacted my friends back in Japan to help find a source, and we imported a small batch of Mugens. All the positive feedback motivated the first Kendama USA website, and we began getting Kendama into new hands everywhere we could. Things quickly started spreading virally across North America and Europe, and rapidly snowballed into the community you see today.

dave-team-pages-web-10As the community grew in numbers, the Kendama USA Pro Team took shape, joining ranks with the most innovative, creative, and talented personalities in the game. Their skills have inspired countless players around the world, and continue to progress the sport today. In 2007, unsatisfied with the limited Kendama selection available, we began designing and prototyping our own unique version of the Kendama. We spent a long time searching for factories in the USA to take on the project, but couldn’t find any that believed in the project seriously enough. After a few dozen rejections, I took my life savings and bought a ticket to China to meet different factories and setup manufacturing. I lived on site for a few months, overstayed my visa, and learned everything I could about the entire production process. In 2011, we launched the Tribute Kendama, in addition to the first ever Pro Model Kendamas. Since then we’ve continued to develop innovative products, specialized paints, and anything else to help continue progressing Kendama.


Our experience, dedication, team, and staff has made us the #1 Kendama company for a reason. We have served tens of thousands of satisfied customers around the globe and helped to network a community of Kendama enthusiasts worldwide. We’re very selective about the brands we carry in our store, and only promote brands we believe in. To us, this means brands that maintain high quality standards, innovate in creative ways, and give back to the Kendama community. We’re proud to host and support core Kendama events around the globe, teach new players, sponsor dedicated players, and help strengthen the community every way we can. Our achievements have been the spark for dozens of other companies and websites to follow in our footsteps and continue spreading Kendama farther than we ever imagined. We hope that our efforts will help to put a Kendama into your own hands some day, and that you’ll share it with your friends as well.”
Much Respect,
-Jeremy Stephenson
founder – KendamaUSA