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Boulder Colorado

When did you first start playing Kendama:

I first started playing Kendama the summer I graduated from high school in August of 2012.

Who got you into it:

My good friend Miles Johnson got me into Kendama, he found out about it in Oregon.He brought a bunch back to Colorado and gave me and about ten of my friends Kendamas and it just blew up!

Favorite Kendama?:

Yellow ozora Keyaki ozora…. What that smell like

Favorite Tricks:

Downspikes, insta anything, lighthouse, bird every bird, downspikes, juggles, lightning drops, and oh yeah downspikes

How many Kendamas do you own:

Right now I own three Kendamas… And they are beat to shit! I destroy damas too easily

What keeps you playing:

What really keeps me playing is the fact that there is NO best trick. You can always push yourself a little farther and add that little extra something. There is no mastering the Kendama and that is what I love about it, everyone has their own unique styles and it makes me always want to play and learn new things because there are always new tricks to learn from different styles of play.there really is no limit to how many different trick combinations you can put together.

What do you do in your down time:

When I’m not playing dama which is a lot of the time I really like to skateboard, hike, bike, snowboard, hacky-sac, ┬álabyrinth, perplexus, tube, cause a ruckus, play some dama, bug my girlfriend Chloe , play some dama, and just kick back with the homies.

Tips for beginners:

I think the best tip for beginners is just not to rush to the hard stuff to quick. I think it’s really important to work your way up gradually learning all the basics before you attempt harder tricks. You really don’t want to be trying stilt flip in a game of ken and lose a letter to around USA.

What’s the best part about playing Kendama:

The best part about playing Kendama is most definitely the relationships I’ve formed through Kendama. I’ve met some of the best people ever through Kendama!(you know who you are). There’s nothing like seeing a good homie from across the globe and being able to just hang out and feed of eachothers energy and just stomp some dubs tricks. Love you guys everyone out there who I’ve ever jammed with! Easily the best part of dama.

Who inspires you to keep pushing forward:

So many people inspire me it’s insane! I’m apologizing ahead of time for anyone I miss, doesn’t mean I don’t love you. Okay….Miles Johnson, Chris DesMarais, Jake Fish monster, Kris Robosch, Dan the man, Sam cannoneer, Sloth, Eli WU Dixon, Slinger Jefferies, The Kromies, The entire HNL crew, Shredwards, Max Norc, Willy P, Wyatt Bray, Chris June, T Hack, Tamotsu!!!, Yuka, Oh yeah and of coarse the Joes from Hawaii.