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I think the attraction or magnetism of Kendama is having many aspects such as playing, competition and performance, or invention new tricks, delight when you success, and so on.
And I think the greatest one is that Kemdama gives us a chance to communicate and have human relationship between all the people who loves kendama, without regard to their age, nationality and cultural back ground.

Representative: Tamotsu KUBOTA Tamotsu Kubota

Representative: Tamotsu KUBOTA
Tamotsu Kubota

As a Japanese, I am very proud of this Kendama which was born and invented in Hiroshima, Japan, after passing more than hundred years since first transmission of original mold like a bilbouqet from overseas.
And I am also strongly feeling importance and a necessity of me or Japanese to utter about kemdama, to make Kendama more and more popular in the whole world and enjoy together.

That’s why we established Global Kendamas Network (GLOKEN) in Japan, on 29th June 2012.

The possibility of Kendama is infinite. Let’s enjoy together!


Our Mission
GLOKEN’s mission is to build relationships among Kendama players and make Kendama popular around the world.

What we do
We do this by collecting and providing information about KENDAMA, or holding Kendama workshops and championships.


Relationships between GLOKEN and JKA

Let us write here about the relationships between GLOKEN(Global Kendamas Network) and JKA(Japan Kendama Association).


I, Representative of GLOKEN; Tamotsu KUBOTA, was a member of JKA and wanted to collaborate with JKA, to promote GLOKEN’s activities ,such as collecting and providing information about kendama, or holding kendama workshops and championships.

That is to achieve GLOKEN’s mission, the above.
GLOKEN and JKA had several meetings these last three months,
and I wanted to talk with them about kendama’s future and what we need now for Japanese.

As I posted in GLOKEN’s timeline, even now there are so many kendama players who do not notice “kendama is already a common language,
of course JKA’s operating officers also do not know what is happening in the world, outside JKA.

I wanted to talk with them and make kendama much better and more popular in the world, with JKA,
but JKA’s headquarters only wanted to make GLOKEN being under their control.
I was truly sad to see that.

I decided to leave the memberships of JKA to promote GLOKEN’s activities quickly.
However, my action is not only opposition against JKA.
I hope it has meanings of RAISING a question about JKA.

What do we need now for Japanese to contribute to make world kendama community bigger ?
What do we need now to make Japanese kendama community better?
What are the things we can do now?

The problem of JKA is to hate changes.
I honestly wanted to make changes JKA’s culture to enjoy kendama more freely, with all the kendama players around the world, as a duty of a kendama lover in JKA.

GLOKEN will restart independently of JKA, from now.

I must say that “JKA” is NOT a word which indicates “all kendama players in Japan,
it is only a name of one kendama group in Japan.

Of course, it is the biggest one, but even in Japan, there are a lot of players outside JKA.

I have to say also that World Kendama Festival in July in Osaka, is NOT organized by JKA but by an action committee of kendama lovers independently, continue holding for 10 years.

I hope my action becomes a stepping stone to become JKA flexible.
I also hope that GLOKEN will go together in the future.

GLOKEN and I suggest a liberalization of kendama including its form, and how to enjoy kendama, to Japanese kendama community.

Of course, we will continue to introduce kendama history and Japanese kendama players,
and the fact of kendama community outside Japan to Japanese by holding events such as Kendama Photo Contest.

Thank you always for your collaborations!


7th October,2012
Tamotsu Kubota

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