Battle in Seattle 2014



Make sure you don’t miss this awesome two day event! Day one is Open Speed Ladders, Pro Division, and tons of giveaways! Second day you can jam with all the pro’s and friends at the same location! One of the years top Kendama Events! Don’t get caught living through Facebook and get here!

12pm-7pm August 30th & 31st
$5 Speed Ladder Entry

Are you going to be looking for a ride, place to stay, or just wanting to link up with other people? Post up in our forums and connect with other people who enjoy Kendama as much as you do!


July 15th Contest Winners!

Winners of the “Half Race” Contest are

Zack Gallagher and Jacob Trebil


Winners receive a Kendama-Co Natty Zen and an assortment of stickers (stickers may vary) from companies involved and featured on!

Natty Zen, Stickers by KenCo, Klack, Kenlab, HNL Kendama, Croix and KendamaUSA
Natty Zen, Stickers by may vary.

Winner of the share/like contest is Chris June!!!!

Funny enough he just released a banger edit! Also because we’re just so nice here at DamaPedia, we’ll give a big shoutout and extra sticker pack to his partner in crime Caleb Jeffries!


First Community Spotlight!

With a ton of response, and people registering on the website, we’ve got our first Community Spotlight submission!

Big thanks to Talin Crow for putting together his unique stringy edit!

If you’re interested in being featured on “The Feed” and saved in our Community Spotlight Archive, head over to our Contact page to send us your submission! They’re posted as little as once a week, so don’t miss your chance!

Featured Player

DamaPedia’s launching Featured Player is Bonz Atron!


Boulder Colorado
When did you first start playing Kendama:
I first started playing Kendama the summer I graduated from high school in August of 2012.
Who got you into it:
My good friend Miles Johnson got me into Kendama…

Read more on his Bio Page!