DamaPedia.org started out merely as wanting a website people could find any information Kendama related. But grew to encompass more than we could have ever thought, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

The Kendama community currently doesn’t have non-biased structured website based in the USA, dedicated to housing a historical database of Kendama as well as house a thriving community growing every day. That’s what we’re here to try and do.


Our goal with DamaPedia.org is to have a well rounded Hub that new people, and respected people in the community can hang out and help push it steadily. We will do our best to maintain the most active feed bringing you everything Kendama related from around the globe. As well as give all of you a chance to appear or help out with information. This website is built and will grow by the community, so lets get to it!


We’ve got a whole mess of things planned out for the future, and we keep adding things to the list each day, including;

  • Live Chats/Group Chats
  • Expansive Trick List (including tutorials)
  • Guest AMA’s from renowned profession players
  • Community Kendama Edits
  • much much more!

We encourage you to submit any awesome ideas we could add or feature on the website! Again shoot over to our Contact page and give us a buzz!



John Akin

If you’d like to be a part of DamaPedia.org, and feel you’re qualified to help run and maintain our website. Please head to our Contact page and send us an email with your experience and we’ll get back to you! HTML5/CSS Experience Required.